Sunday, October 14, 2012

Look WhOOOOO's learning about owls

Oh my word, I have to say that fall has to be  is my favorite time of the year! We get to go so many fun things and October is the kick off for our fun themes. OWLS, OWLS, OWLS, is the first theme of October. Then we move into bats, spiders, pumpkins and Halloween creatures like witches, mummies and more!

To kick off our OWL week, we read many owl fiction and nonfiction books about these feathery creatures. We completed a tree map of owls to help us with our writing piece. After we brainstormed all the components, students were asked to write 3 facts in complete sentences. Then......... they got to create these adorable owls that will go up on the wall.
(Thank you First grade parade and other blogs for the idea)
Each Wednesday I like to get my class together to conduct a class meeting. Thank you Stephen Covey for opening my eyes up to this wonderful concept! Each week I pick a topic for my class to discuss each week. This week I decided to talk about appropriate times to be goofy and sill and times to control our bodies and take things seriously! I know y class is not the only class that is beginning to get comfortable with each other enough to allow some of their true colors to come out..
In order to help with this concept, I found this  book called "Wise up, Silly Owl" It is precious and you should totally check it out!!
After reading the story all together, we discussed times to be silly and times to be wise. Then we made theses adorable owls.... I WILL be putting these inside my memory bank for next year!!!

The title of there stories were "Wise up, Silly________"(insert students name)
That's all I have so far! Don't forget to keep an I eye out to see what else our class created throughout the week!!


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