Tuesday, October 23, 2012

eeeKKKKKKK... spiders

I have to say that my least favorite theme of the fall is..... Spiders.... These eight legged creatures are so gross but the kiddos just eat this stuff up and beg to read more non-fiction books about them. Here are some of the highlights from our week.
We brainstormed a list of spider action words and spider describing words and then made this Cinquin poem to go with craft below.

I absolutely LOVE using their little hand print and fingerprints for everything!


OK y'all this next activity is one that I adore. My teammates are amazing and thought of using the book "AAAARRRGGG spider" to teach persuasive writing. After reading the book, we brainstormed reasons why spiders would make good pets. Here are some of their reasons.

Take note of the very last one. It says " I can train it to give you a massage." Where do they come up with this stuff?? If that doesn't convince you I'm not sure what will.
The students were then asked to write letters to their parents persuading their mom and dad to allow them to have a pet spider at home.
 We didnt' have any intention of framing this writing but when I had 10 minutes of  extra time to fill those creative minds made these adorable spider pets!

I also have a FREEBIE spider double game up for grabs on our TPT store. Click here to get it for yourself!

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