Saturday, October 13, 2012

Little details that I love!

So there are several little things in my class that I LOVE... I have beg, borrowed and stole many if not all of these ideas. (Isn't that the best part about being a teacher??)
Here’s my behavior chart. Each student starts out on green each day and has the ability to move all the way to purple depending on their behavior. If a student has achieved purple for the day, they are given a leader stick. 5 leader sticks =’s a leader privilege. Here’s a glimpse of my behavior system!


I am obsessed with my little monsters. It took me forever to create each one but it has saved a ton of arguments and pushing when the students are asked to put their book baskets away.


Aren't they adorable!!

Here are some other pintrest inspired creations! (I LOVE that website!)

Each time a student finishes there work early throughout the day, they get to visit the early birds poster (the activities change each day)

This little basket has been a dream for those poor books that get pulled apart from the students so eagerly reading them
Our classroom promise that we created all together!

Let me know if you have anything in your classroom that you just absolutely couldn't live without!

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