Monday, February 4, 2013

Back to the Grime.....

Hello all,
WOW has it been a while. Yikes.... Please forgive me as I have enjoyed some sweet, much needed time away with my amazing husband, friends, family and self! Taking time away from my love of my computer at home is something that was on my New Year's Resolution list. When I am home with my husband, we are home. I absolutely LOVE my job as he does too, but spending time resting and relaxing is vital to our health and peace of mind. All that to say, PLEASE FORGIVE ME for not posting anything all of last month..yikes.. how does that much time get away?
Here's what we have been up to lately.... (I'll add more from last week as soon I get some pictures taken!
We started off the year creating our very own New Year's Resolutions... Her are some examples of what they said.

Too cute....
My favorite part about teaching science is having the ability to tie together writing, art, reading, math, etc. Our last science unit that we focused on was stars and constellations. The goal was for students to understand that their were more stars in the sky then they can count. Well when you start showing them pictures, they start seeing shapes and begin creating their own constellations. I fed off of their energy and we drew our very own constellations and made up stories to go along with them! the Orion constellation as nothing on these 6 year old!
This very hands-on week ended with us learning about verbs. Of course we couldn't just do something simple, that just wouldn't be tin foil action figures here we come. I introduced this lesson talking about what a verb was and why we use verbs in our writing. Then we brain stormed a list of actions that our class could do. They had to actually demonstrate the verbs that they called out to show everyone else that it really was something that they could do! They loved this although at times it got a bit loud! Altogether we made our tin foil action figures and they had to think of a way to make it look like it was doing the verb that they chose! Here are some examples of what we created!
(Thank you to someone for this very clever idea, not sure where I found it exactly... sorry)
I hope that you enjoy your week and take sometime to rest and relax. I'll be update a lot sooner I promise!!
 Blessings, Kelly T.  

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